MINI-REVIEW: The Magpies Podcast

Last week, I gave a quick shout-out on #RPGPodMonday on Twitter to The Magpies Podcast. This Monday, I’m kicking off my mini-review series on I Am Hear Blog to tell you more about them, and why I love them so much.


The Magpies Podcast is an actual-play of the Blades in the Dark Game created by John Harper.



First of all, YES. This show is a cast of all women, some of whom are LGBTQIA+.

There’s the incredibly talented, descriptive, and beautiful-voiced Rhi, the GM and showrunner. Rhi is a brilliant story teller and always sets a captivating scene for you to fall into. She crafts incredible arcs and tales of intrigue and Drama.

The players, Kim, Josie, Minna, Madge, and occasional guest star Waffles, are patient, don’t talk over each other, and have created such depth in their characters that leave you loving them, groaning with them, face-palming more than a few times when things go wrong, and laughing with them. The players have fantastic chemistry and really get you invested in their characters' lives.


I was immediately impressed by the audio quality and the quality of the voices. No playback volume adjustments are necessary, everyone is easily heard and understood, and the audio is simply pleasant on the ears (note that I listen to all my shows 100% through noise-cancelling headphones). Their audio has continued to improve from the beginning, and I imagine with their newly launched patron they’re guaranteed to get even better with the potential of mic upgrades.

You can find The Magpies Podcast, and shows like it on the RPG Casts site, follow @Magpies_Pod on Twitter, and subscribe to The Magpies Podcast here.


Date originally reviewed on iTunes: February 21, 2018
Note: At the time of the original review, The Magpies had one episode, and had just launched.
Episode reviewed: Episode 1 – The Nightmarket Station Score