A big and wonderful thank you to the following patrons. You help make I Am Hear possible, and I so appreciate your help, support, love, and belief in this project.

Thank you SO much to:

  • Austin

  • John

  • Michael

  • Anthony

  • Kelly

  • Dice for Brains

  • Fandible

  • Roll Like A Girl

  • DC

  • Minna

  • The Hydian Way

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  • Adrian

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  • Flying Grizzly

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If you’re unable to financially support, talking to your friends, spreading the word over social media, retweets, and iTunes reviews and ratings are also extremely appreciated! These are things that help get the I Am Hear message out into our community.


$55/MONTH: BREAKING EVEN - reached!

$55 per month will pay for web hosting, RSS hosting, and editing suite licensing fees for the I Am Hear podcast and for web hosting for the RPG Casts site. Basically, this means I'm breaking even and no longer losing money running both.

$100/MONTH: RECOUP COSTS + COMMUNITY SUPPORT + transcripts - reached!

$100 per month means a few really fantastic things. I'll be able to recoup the costs invested early on (unique music composition/production, graphic design, and giveaways). I will do an annual Question & Answer episode. Patrons will be able to submit questions and I'll record and answer as many as I can with a very special guest! This will also allow me to put some money back into the community to support the cool things folks are making (and do giveaways of them - Dice! Pins! Badges! Games!). Additionally, this means that I can do more with my next big project that directly relates to RPG Casts and I Am Hear, which I'll share more details with directly to Patrons before the official announcement happens. Finally, getting up to $100 per month means that I can pay for transcription of all of my episodes to make I Am Hear more accessible.


$250 per month means I'll be able to upgrade my equipment. Better quality sound! On top of this, I'll record a very special Patron Appreciation One-Shot episode of an RPG game once per year. I'll do a draw of all patrons and invite three of you to play! Additionally, I recognize that the search function on the RPG Casts site is not as optimal as it could be. If I hit $250/month, I could hire a web developer to create a custom search function for the site with the goal that individuals can search multi-categorically, or search for a tag specifically within a single category, or other specific search functions.


$500 per month is a dream! This means I'll be able to commission special art for I Am Hear and RPG Casts. I'll be able to build out visual representation and gather more cool art assets. On top of this, I'll create an annual bursary for new creators to apply to for equipment/startup costs. Special consideration will be given to marginalized and under-represented groups.


$1000 per month is the pie in the sky goal. This means I'll be able to travel to conventions, meet more people, and extend the network of folks I'll be able to interview for I Am Hear. Additionally, this means I can add an additional bursary for new creators, and put money toward future RPG Casts and I Am Hear projects.