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I Am Hear is a podcast that features interviews with people active in the RPG community around the world. The people featured are podcasters, artists, musicians, game designers, crafters, and other RPG enthusiasts. I Am Hear is a platform where women, non-binary people, people of colour, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community tell their stories and talk about what inspires them to play/create/listen/run RPGs, why representation in tabletop gaming matters, and what they want to see in the various RPG communities.


  • Launch date: May 1, 2018

  • 20 episodes released in Season 1

  • Season 2 currently underway

  • 15,000+ downloads since launch





Download / Subscribe:  The show can be listened to directly from the RSS feed via the main website, from, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, such as iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify, and any other podcast catcher you might use.

Release Schedule:  

Season 1: Episodes released weekly on Tuesday at 4:00 a.m. (Canadian MST)
Season 2: Episodes release bi-weekly on Thursdays at 4:00 a.m. (Canadian MST)

Twitter:   @RPG_Casts


Wherever you want! Because it's an interview show, you don't have to listen from the start, you don't have to listen to every episode, and you don't have to listen in order. You can pick and choose which episode you want. Every episode is someone's story. And every story is worth listening to.


I Am Hear is created and produced by Tess Cocchio from RPG Casts. As the show is an interview-style show, the cast is rotating. Each episode features a new guest.


I Am Hear was conceptualized by, edited by, and produced by Tess Cocchio, who also conducts all the interviews. Tess began I Am Hear with the express purpose of promoting and showcasing a diverse and inclusive RPG community. Tess really believes that this is a community that can be a wonderful, positive, and supportive place.  The support for the project has been unexpectedly heartening and is very appreciated.



Tess is doing some really powerful stuff with this podcast. She’s tapping into some very real and necessary conversations about community in a way that is both accessible without being simplistic. While there’s always more to be said, I feel like the conversations are loose enough to allow a natural flow without going through too much of a telephone game with the subjects at hand, and I’m always left with some interesting insights to percolate on. I cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeves for this project! 5/5
-Greyson, from Heroes Not Included and creator of The Transgender Language Primer

Tess is doing great work here! She and her guests are talking about important issues in the RPG podcasting community – things that affect the world as a whole – with grace and tact. This first week has me hooked, I already get a big smile on my face when I hear the opening music.
-Therin, from Roll Like A Girl and Interference

This show is amazing! Tess and her guests have unbeleivable conversations about RPGs that somehow become an examination of human nature and society. This show works on so many levels. Even if you aren’t into RPGs, the conversations about gender identity, sexual orientation and how society views and treats those outside the perceived “norm” is a must listen! This show should be mandatory listening for every DnD and TTRPG group.
-DeWayne Feenstra, from the Aero-Girl Podcast

This is a show that is specifically designed to give marginalized people a platform to talk about issues that affect them, especially in the world of tabletop RPGs. Tess speaks frankly with guests about their experiences and asks how we can improve accessibility to the community for everyone. The interviews are interesting, informative, and heartfelt. The audio quality is good. The tone is frank but hopeful. It is, simply put, a great show, and well worth your time to listen. You will, at the very least, come away having heard about the experiences and concerns of other members of the gaming community and have that much more insight into how you can be a part of positive change.
-Richard KL

Tess is just such an amazing champion of the RPG community. Her enthusiasm is absolutely infectious, and I'm so glad she's now doing interviews! She has a great interviewing style that obviously keeps her guests at ease even as they sometimes discuss some heavier topics related to RPGs and the greater tabletop gaming community. An absolute must listen for anyone who wants to get to know new and important voices in RPGs!
-Angela Craft from Fandible

I am so grateful to Tess and this show for talking to groups of people who bring entirely new perspectives to the forefront. She has great chemistry with all of her guests and each new episode teaches me something new!
-Apple Podcasts User somnium36

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