At the moment, transcripts are unavailable. The goal is that once I hit $100/month on my Patreon, I will be able to afford to pay for transcription.

While this doesn't help immediately, I am working on transcribing the episodes myself, although it does take quite a bit of time. I want this podcast to be accessible, but I also want to be transparent about why it's not accessible yet. Time and money are always a factor, and I'm working on eliminating those.

I'll be sure to make an announcement on the site, in the show, and on Twitter once transcripts are available. Thank you for your understanding.


We hit the $100/month mark on Patreon! Ya’ll are amazing. I’m currently working on getting transcripts going for Season 3 and onward. Since Season 2 was International Podcast Month and I will get the Audio Drama minisodes uploaded ASAP. As for the Actual Plays, getting transcripts on these may be feasible but they won’t be perfect. My focus is going to be on Season 3 and then I’ll start going back. <3